Consumer Psychology Walkers Snack Food Ltd.

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Consumer Psychology MarketingWalkers Snack Food

Research Methodology2

During the Walkers “do us a flavour campaign”, people were hit with extensive mass media all reflecting the same massage. The campaign used the existing brand strength to ensure that people would trust the limited addition flavours; regardless of how outlandish and potentially disgusting they may be. Walker’s decision to choose six flavours which had never been used previously highlights the tongue and cheek image which Walkers sought to convey. The entire process was used to provoke curiosity about the product; to encourage the consumer to try something new with the safety of getting that new experience with a tried and trusted brand. Motivation

There are many images and ideas presented within the campaign create a need for the consumer to not only purchase the new products; but also be a part of product design and development. The concept behind the campaign was to involve consumers in product range expansion. To suggest new flavour, six suggestions were chosen and the public were asked to vote. On face value it seems as though this ploy was a highly publicised market research exercise, but the idea went much further than this. This concept of direct involvement by consumers gave the company an entirely inclusive feel. It played on a person’s need for acceptance and validation. To be part of a process, and for a lucky few, to have your idea for a flavour in retail outlets gave consumers the impress they were part of the brand. The desired effect of this is seen to be long term. It goes beyond the campaign. It was seen as an act to inspire brand loyalty. The curiosity of the consumer was also played upon with the campaign. With all interviewees agreeing that the greatest motivator to purchase the product was to sample the wild and wacky flavours chosen by the company (e.g. Cajon Squirrel, Chilli Chocolate). This campaign was also a major talking point amongst people when it was running. People did not want to feel excluded when conversations arose about the new flavour; thus motivating them to purchase the products for social inclusion. This social inclusion also featured in the ads presented by walkers. The “Builders Breakfast” flavoured crisps featuring a large group of builders singing in an almost tribal fashion; playing yet again on the need for inclusion most consumers experience. Perception

Walker has a history and image, traditionally to which new marketing ploys much correspond with. The long running association with Garry Lineker has over the years, has positioned the company as The novelty factor of the campaign is central to its success. In a time of companies of Walkers size speaking of globalisation, the company chooses to embark on a long term campaign to give the impression that the company is still accessible enough to have one of its consumers chose a flavour. This was not an attempted to change perceptions, but rather to concrete the tradition and locally based impression of the company. Consumers today rarely take notice of limited edition products as often limited edition does not actually mean limited addition at all. As Walkers set deadlines for all phases of choose a flavour if removed the perception of longevity from the product and created the impetus to purchase the product as soon as possible before five out of the six flavours were removed from shop shelves forever. The colour and energy contained in the ads captured attention immediately. The opening of all television ads related to the campaign focused on the inspiration of the flavour before highlighting the product. Drawing the viewer in before presenting their message. All flavours were represented by groups of followers, all presenting their flavour as the greatest. This although humours, made the audience draw alliances with your favourite flavour. The...
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