Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications

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Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications
At any given moment during the day, decisions such as which brand of merchandise to purchase, which color paint to select, or what cable service provider to go with are being made by consumers. The selection and behaviors of the consumers go beyond their personal preferences and has been studied by psychologists for over a century. Knowing what appeals to consumers and what their preferences are is a crucial part of the business's success. In Exploration relationships between adoption of new consumer products and relationship marketing by Sarabi, Ahmadi, & Moradi , the relationship between a consumer's demographic variables and product selection discussed. A second article, Scenes of Consumer Psychology by Rachel Bowlby discusses how consumer psychology presents itself in marketing techniques. Consumer Psychology

The specialty that examines the influences a person’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and perceptions have on their buying habits is known as consumer psychology. A consumer's demographic information, how they perceive advertisements, brand exposure, and economic status are just a few factors that can affect their decision making process. In order learn more about the behaviors of buyers, consumer psychologists and businesses can conduct surveys; organize focus groups, send out questionnaires, or through direct observation. If a business can identify the buying habits and influences of their regular customers, they are presented with the opportunity to retain their business while make themselves and the customer happy. Psychological concepts discussed

In their article, Exploration relationships between adoption of new consumer products and relationship marketing, Sarabi, Ahmadi, & Moradi argue that consumers' characteristics affect their buying habits. According to Sarabi, Ahmadi & Moradi (2013), “Empirical research has demonstrated that social-demographic characteristics have significant...

References: Bowlby, R. (1992). Scenes from consumer psychology. Critical Quarterly, 34(4), 51-64.
Sarabi, S., Ahmadi, F., & Moradi, M. A. (2013). Exploration relationship between adoption of new consumer products and relationship marketing. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, 5(2), 80-89. Retrieved from
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