Consumer Psychology

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Consumer Psychology
July 18, 2011
Lori McCloud

Consumer Psychology
Products and services are developed or reinvented every day. How do people measure, or know or how these goods will be accepted? Consumer psychology is the “study of how people relate to the goods and services they use in their daily lives.”(Wise Geek, 2003). Consumer psychology studies people and by doing so provides what factors are important in the decision making of purchases and the value of services. By having this knowledge of consumer’s organizations, businesses and retailers improve their marketing. In a way people are being studied to be told what to buy and influenced. Consumer Buyer

Understanding why the consumer buys in the first place. Is it for a need or a want or is it to fulfill something? The buying process can be very basic or very complex and have many influences from external to internal reasoning. There are many facets.

Decisions to buy can be emotional. Emotions can lead a person to shop. Feelings are people’s primary way to make judgments and decision making. In the “How do-I-feel-about-it?” heuristic, people use the valence of their feelings to infer the direction of their attitudes and preferences. If I feel good about something, I must like it; if I feel bad, I must not like it.” (Pham, 2004) A woman can be upset at her husband, need a break from the kids, or she could be happy and want to spend impulsively. A marketer only has a chance to contend with commercials and ads to penetrate the feelings of the consumer. Consumer personal behavior is influenced by many, family, culture, environment, competition and social attitudes (peer). These are factors to be evaluated and how they are used for persuasion. Friends and family influence the clothes one wears. Culture and family are a persons or peoples area of up bring that can influences the way services are done and the way products are purchased. Sports and competition for sure have an...

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