Consumer Perception Towards Online Grocery Store

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Chapter No| Topic| Page No| 01| Introduction| 2|
02| Literature Review| 7|
03| Rationale| 9|
04| Research objectives| 9|
05| Research Design and Methodology| 9|
06| Hypothesis| 10|
07| Bibliography| 11|


Internet and Information technology have made tremendous contributions for businesstransformation witnessed nowadays all over the world. This has given birth to E commercewhich encompasses several pre purchase and post purchase activities leading to exchange ofproducts or service or information over electronic systems such as the internet and the otherTelecommunication networks.Analysing the competitive advantage of E-Commerce it is observed that E-Commerceenables simpler, faster and efficient business transactions. For developing country like India,E-Commerce offer considerable opportunity for growth.E-commerce leads to a boon for the current economic downturn. As India’s e-commercemarket is worth about Rs 50,000 crores in 2011. About 80% of this is travel related (airlinetickets, railway tickets, hotel bookings, online mobile recharge etc.).Online retailing comprises about 15%. India has close to 10 million online shoppers and isgrowing at an estimated 40-45% per annum.The rapid growth of e-commerce in India is being driven by greater customer choice andimproved convenience.The project was undertaken under the supervision of Nirala Imex Inc who currently has theirbusiness operation in Taiwanese market in selling of Indian grocery items to the localretailers & wholesaler in the Taiwanese market.The company has proposed a plan to launch an online grocery store in the Indian market forwhich the project was undertaken was to determine whether online grocery shopping will bebeneficial to the user with respect to questionnaire which will be analysed in three parts.The project will first study the attitude of customers towards online shopping, alsodetermining the factors which influence the consumer to purchase goods and service.The second half of the project will depict the attributes of online shopping influencing thepurchase decision by the respondent. It will also determine the issues regarding the onlineshopping.The third part of the project determines the purchase decision with respect to grocery. It willdetermine the place preference of grocery shopping with respect to price, quality, variety,proximity and offers/ discounts.The project will also recommend the business operational plan which works with contractingdealership with the local kirana stores.

Industry Introduction
Internet is changing the way consumers shop and buy goods and services, and has rapidlyevolved into a global phenomenon. Many companies have started using the Internet with theaim of cutting marketing costs, thereby reducing the price of their products and services inorder to stay ahead in highly competitive markets. Companies also use the Internet to convey communicates and disseminate information, tosell the product, to take feedback and also to conduct satisfaction surveys with customers.Customers use the Internet not only to buy the product online, but also to compare prices,product features and after sale service facilities the will receive if they purchase the productfrom a particular store. Many experts are optimistic about the prospect of online business.In addition to the tremendous potential of the E-commerce market, the Internet provides aunique opportunity for companies to more efficiently reach existing and potential customers.Although most of the revenue of online transactions comes from business-to-businesscommerce, the practitioners of business-to-consumer commerce should not lose confidence.It has been more than a decade since business-to-consumer E-commerce first evolved.Scholars and practitioners of electronic commerce constantly strive to gain an improvedinsight into consumer behaviour in cyberspace.Along with...

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