Consumer Perception Towards Cosmetic Industry

Topics: Human skin color, Ultraviolet, Perception Pages: 19 (4745 words) Published: February 3, 2012




|S.No. |Topic |PageNo. | |1 |Objective |3 | |2 |Introduction |4-6 | |3 |Research Methodology |7-8 | |4 |Engel-Kollat-Blackwell Model |8-12 | |5 |Data Analysis |13-29 | |6 |Findings |30 | |7 |Conclusion |31-32 | |8 |Limitation |33 | |9 |Annexure |34-36 |


To study the consumer perception on the basis of attribute based perceptual map using discriminant analysis. To find the Servqual score towards different attributes of fairness cream in accordance to kano’s model. To determine the characteristics of targeted population which affect their choice of brand through Factor Analysis. To determine the statistical significance of the choice of Brand with its Popularity and Expectation from it.

An introduction to the Men’s Fairness Cream Market in India:

Men's fairness cream market in 1999: Did not exist. Men's fairness cream market in 2009: Rs 100 crore.Men’s fairness cream market in India is still a fairly small segment - just Rs 186 crore (Rs 1.86 billion) out of the total Rs 2,200 crore (Rs 22 billion) plus fairness cream market, according to Nielsen (2010 figures)- but one that is growing at a fast clip of 31 per cent. Till the last decade it was almost unimaginable that there would be a fairness cream for men among male grooming products. As it turned out, men contributed significantly to consumption of fairness product. That shouldn't be surprising as we live in a society which is obsessed with fair skin. This phenomenon was not restricted to women and, unknown to marketers, had influenced Indian man as well. The size of Indian skincare market including creams, moisturisers and cleanser is estimated at Rs 4,750 crore. Of the total skincare market, the fairness cream market in India is estimated at Rs 2,200 crore plus. According to a Nielsen survey conducted amongst 1,000 SEC A and B men in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad on male grooming, every second man has a monthly date with a salon. "The importance of male grooming is clear, with the market worth Rs 695 crore and growing at 11 per cent. While some brands tried to build on the premise of letting go of women's products and opting for male-centric products for social reasons, others pointed out how men's facial skin is much different from women and thus, they need products to suit their skin type. In the past few years, the men's grooming market has grown exponentially with brands launching not just the run-of-the-mill shaving gels and foams, but fairness creams, moisturisers, talcs, face washes and other grooming products targeted specifically at men, with fairness creams leading the pack. One of the major...
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