Consumer Markets

Topics: Marketing, Business, Strategic management Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: August 3, 2010
Consumer markets are the type of markets that deal with goods for individuals or the general consumer. In consumer marketing, the purchaser of the product is usually the one that uses the product. Consumer products, food and soft drinks, retail products, as well as transportation products are just some of the products pinpointed in consumer markets. A major example of consumer markets is the time spent when it comes to branding in athletic products and the image they provide. Business markets include individuals and/or organizations. Governments and institutions are also included in these as well as commercial businesses. Business markets are also called business-to-business marketing, or also known as B2B. Business markets make possible the sale of these companies’ or individuals’ products or services to other companies or individuals that go and sell them or they use them an offer them to consumers or for their usage. Examples of business markets are those transactions dealing with automobiles. When a consumer increases the demand for an automobile, then organizations unite with the automobile industry to demand their products and in turn when those products are received, these organizations resell these automobiles to the consumers. Global markets deal with the selling of products to different countries. Many negotiations must be made when dealing with global markets which include but are not limited to: figuring out which country to enter into, the pricing of the product, how to go about entering different countries. An example of a company involved in global markets is Coca Cola. They deal with many different countries and different pricing capabilities. Targeting, Segmentation, and Positioning essential have some reliance on each other. Once the market is divided into segments the target market must be selected followed by the positioning. An example of the relationship between these is Wal-Mart. Their company is broken up into many different segments for...
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