Consumer & Market Data for the Fashion Channel

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Decision making software Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: June 2, 2012
As Senior Vice President of Marketing for a national television network, Dana Wheeler certainly has many factors to consider before making her final decision on what strategy to pitch to the company leaders at the senior management meeting next week. Ultimately, she has the dilemma of choosing and committing to a single strategy for her first major presentation but her decision making process begins well before she’s faced with making that one final choice. As a marketing executive, Dana must filter through an assortment of consumer and market data which will help her formulate an educated list of market growth strategies for selection.

But what consumer and market data are the most important to consider? I consider Dana’s five primary consumer and market data points to be: 1.) Ratings Increase (Viewership) – This is the cornerstone of a network’s success. Since network revenue channels (i.e. Advertising and Affiliate Revenue) inherently depend on the amount of viewers a network’s audience has, the ratings system is the easiest way for them to determine how much money to spend on an advertisement or affiliate fee. 2.) Targeting the 18 – 34 y/o Female Demographic – Advertisers will pay the largest CPM in order to market to this demographic therefore capturing a larger portion of this audience will result in more advertising revenue for TFC. 3.) Increasing Advertiser CPM – Is directly linked to advertising revenue and is a major focus for Advertising Sales. Advertising revenue is the channels largest revenue source. 4.) Attitudinal Cluster Segmentations – Previously, aside from basic audience demographics, the network did not have much detailed information about its customers. Using the segmentation data will provide the channel with new ways of marketing to a target “high CPM” audience. 5.) Customer Satisfaction Rating Improvement – Improving or maintaining customer satisfaction is critical for the channel to have a good price point and desirable service...
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