Consumer Decision Making Process

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On 26th February 2010, I have bought a national car, Perodua Viva 1.0 for RM35, 400 for myself. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this product before I finally come up with a decision to purchase it. Below shows the steps that I go through before I finally make my decision to purchase this car.

Generally speaking, I follow the 5 steps of decision making process which I have learnt from my MKT2103 Lecturer, Mr. Visneh Maran in Cosumer Behavior Class before I reach my final decision to purchase Myvi car. Let me first define what consumer decision making process is. In fact, it is just the stages whereby a buyer passes through in making choices about which products and/or services to buy. The 5 stages are: Problem Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision and Post-Purchase Behavior. The details of all these 5 stages will be further discussed at below: Step 1: Problem Recognition: Perceiving a Need

I want to purchase a car for myself because I currently don’t have a car. I desperately need a car for me to drive to college. This is because I live in Bukit Mertajam, Perai, and I now study my diploma in INTI International College Penang. Therefore, I need a transport to bring me there. Now that I don’t have a car, so I have to depend on my friend’s car to come to college. But, the trouble is that my friend always late for class and so I have to always be late for my class. I have missed a lot of important lesson and I afraid I could not catch on with my study. That explains why I really need to buy a car. And for your information, my available budget now is only RM40, 000. One day, when I was walking in shopping complex, I was approached by a car salesman who introduced me Perodua cars. This reminded me to recognize that I need to purchase a car. Step 2: Information Search: Seeking Value

The salesman gave me a brochure of Perodua cars and he recommended me...
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