Consumer Behaviour Towards Eco Friendly Body Care Products

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Minor Project Synopsis


Submitted by

Under the supervision
Prof. Priti Gadhvi

Submitted to
Department of Fashion Management Studies (FMS)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
(Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India)
GH-0 Road, Behind Infocity
Gandhinagar, 382007. Gujarat
February, 2011
We declare that we have completed the minor project on the topic –“Consumer Behaviour towards eco friendly body care products. We also declare that all the taken data has been acknowledged by us. We have done all of our effort to complete this Minor project successfully.

Aditi Patwari
Sumera Mandsorwala
MFM Class of 2014

This is to certify that Mr. / Ms. _______________________________ & Mr./ Ms.________________________________has submitted the Minor Project titled ‗______________________________________________________‘ to the Department of Fashion Studies (FMS), National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, Gandhinagar towards the fulfillment of the research work. This particular research is their original work and has not been submitted to any other institution or university. Thay have duly acknowledged and given credit to the data, factual figures as well as concepts drawn from the numerous secondary sources. This work may be placed before the jury for its final evaluation. ……………………………

[Ms. Priti Gadhavi]
Assistant Professor
FMS Department

We are grateful to Ms. Priti Gadhavi (Asst. Professor, FMS – NIFT, Gandhinagar) our institute‘s guide for the project for her valuable inputs and comments for giving me this opportunity and for being a supportive and insightful guide to me. We would like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Sudeshna Dutta Roy (CC- FMS, NIFT, Gandhinagar), Ms. Jagriti Mishra (Asst. Prof. FMS – NIFT, Gandhinagar), Ms. Harleen Sahni (Asst. Prof. FMS – NIFT, Gandhinagar); without whose support this project would not have been completed. We are grateful to our batch-mates and our seniors for their help and interest. We are also thankful to all those who had put time to complete my survey. Last but not the least we would like to extend our thanks to all our friends, family and people who have co-ordinated with us for the research

Aditi Ptawari
Sumera Mandsorwal,
Masters of Fashion Management,
Class of 2013,
Department of Fashion Management Studies,
NIFT, Gandhinagar.
Date: 19.12.2011

The minor research project titled ― consumer behaviour towards eco friendly body care products in India‖ starts with a brief background of the current eco friendly market scenario. The project focuses on the concept of green buying behaviour of the Indian consumers towards the eco friendly products and in order to kwon their willingness to pay premium prices for it This research would enable to understand the eco friendly concepts of Indian market. It talks about the Indian companies who are in to the making of such products. This will help in understanding eco friendly customers better and keep them interested by offering such products in better ways to making profits. The document is mainly divided into two sections. First, is the study of different companies, who have established themselves internationally and the Indian companies who have started this trend in India. The brands have been studied on the basis of the products they offer i.e eco friendly body care product, prices, and how they work. Many companies in India have started the portals to not only expand the market but also for the concern for the society. They are trying to incubate new users. But are the Indian consumer ready to green body care products The customer‘s perspective and level of acceptance of the upcoming concept of ― eco friendly body care products. India is the objective of this research...

Bibliography: * Schiffman, L. G. and Kanuk, L. L. (2004). Consumer Behavior. Eight Edition, Prentice-Hall of India.
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