Consumer Behaviour Of Beer (kingfisher)

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“Beer is an alcoholic beverage produce by the fermentation of malted barely. Although the preparation of fermented beverages has been practiced in India since early times, the art of brewing of Europeans”.

There were 26 beer breweries in across India when the government called the game over in the early 70’s by freezing the industries production capacity. Nobody was permitted to either expand existing units or build new ones. In swift reaction, the cash rich Banglore based u. b group began buying up all the breweries if it possible could bring its tally up to 10. Many of these were small, sick units going cheap. Given the government new anti-alcohol pasture. U.B was amongst the few willing act on the future of the beer business. Rather than cost U.B.’s actual consideration was that they were located in the north and east markets it wanted to gain access to (beer being perishable product and transportation being a costly proposition, sales are usually combined to a radius to few hundred KM around the brewery). Although the south and west accounted for an over whelning majority of sale. U.B. was confident other part would grow, some U.B.’s brewing capacity was on par with that of its arch rival, muhan meakin.

· Prices of beer are going to increase in the recent days.
· Lack of marketing information.
· Increasing the government taxes on the beer and other drinks. · Sales force to the firm with minimum sales man working in the firms · Lack of credit facility.
· Lack of advertisement as effective.
· Problem of safe transportation to warehouse to store.
· Lack of sales promotional activities.
· There is no proper channel of distribution

To throw light on the history and origin of beer.
1. To know the manufacturing process of beer.
2. To evaluate the development of beverage industry in India. 3. To study the establishment, growth and progress of kingfisher industry, their production and sales and the market share of kingfisher. 4. To evaluate the marketing performance of Beer in Hotels of Navi mumbai and to analyses their sales. 5. To gather information from consumers about their opinion regarding various brands of beer and kingfisher in particular. 6. To provide some information regarding the improvement of the beer.

· To study the current market trend to beer.
· To study the customer preference towards beer
· To study the current market potential of beer industry.

The scope of the study is not only to know about customer preference towards Kingfisher beer, but also to know about certain other aspects. · To know what is the total market
· This study stand as complete information point not only about Kingfisher movement, but also as a data bank in order to cover up other related industry. · To analyse company’s present positioning the market.

· While conducting the survey for Kingfisher the company came to know what is its present position in the market. · It helps.
· To forecast the future development and target.
· To analyse its drawbacks and failures.

Combing these two, a definite line can be drawn in order to develop the company and extend its services.
One main limitation was the time factor. Since the survey was conducted along with the academic studies. When the consumer and dealers were contacted and requested for their opinion through personal interview and requested and questionnaire about the study cent percent answers were not obtained because some consumer showed their reactance to respond due to many different reasons. But as far as possible it has been tried the best level to get the correct, exact and precise information towards the study. With all these limitations, this project report has been based on actual figures and the approach to the report is based on the present...
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