consumer behaviour and marketing

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Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at Reading

Department of Food Economics
and Marketing

Selection of Part 2 modules

Consumer behaviour
There are many theories which
draw on Psychology, Sociology
and Economics which help us to
understand consumer behaviour.
A grasp of these theories will help
you to develop a critical appreciation
of what influences our decision
making and purchasing behaviour.

Economics 3
This module extends your
understanding of the economic
theories of consumer choice and
competitive firm. Topics discussed
include consumer choice, application
of consumer theory, firms and
production, costs, competitive firms
and markets, and application of the
competitive model.

Marketing management
Marketing management focuses
on marketing decisions taken
by an organisation. It is all about
how organisations respond to their
marketing environment and how
they put together and implement
their marketing strategies and
plans. You can appreciate what
decisions need to be taken by
marketing departments and how
those decisions might be taken.

Consumer research
The processes involved in carrying
out methodical research with
special emphasis on the tools
for exploratory data analysis
and techniques for primary
data collection are key skills for
marketers. You will be able to

Selection of Part 3 modules
recognise, describe and apply
statistical analysis to solve
marketing problems.

Choice of 20 credits from the following:

Quantitative methods 2

Personality and Social Psychology 2

This module builds a further
understanding of some of the main
mathematical and statistical ideas
used by applied economists and
business managers. It enhances
your ability to carry out numerical
exercises and to consolidate and
extend existing quantitative
skills. Topics covered include
matrix manipulation, discounting,
contingency tables, regression
and analysis of variance, calculus
applied to business problems.

Consumer research
group project 1
You are given the role of a
consultant whose challenge is
to work with a team to investigate
a contemporary consumer issue.
At the same time you will be able
to develop a range of team and
project management skills. The
project runs over two years.

Personality and Social
Psychology 1
This module will familiarize
students with theory and research
on a selection of core topics
in personality and individual
differences, including theories
of personality and measurement
of personality types; individual
differences in motivation and
emotion regulation; individual
differences in prejudice-related
processes; theories of intelligence
and IQ assessment.

Applied psychology
Cognition 1 and 2
Neuroscience 1 and 2
Typical and Atypical
Development 1 and 2
Selection of Part 3 modules

Marketing strategy
This module builds on those in
Parts 1 and 2. It relies on case
studies to give more detailed,
practical examples of some of
the concepts introduced in these
earlier modules, and demonstrates
how much more interrelated and
complex marketing decisions
become when they are taken ‘out
of the text book’ and ‘into the
real world’.

Consumer policy
The importance of basic
government and legal frameworks
within the UK and the EU
regarding consumer policy is the
focus of this module. You will
examine consumer information,
ethics, rights, responsibilities,
protection and satisfaction with
reference to several key industries
namely food, retail and the (public
and private) services sector. The role
of the corporate world, independent
organisations and the concepts of
globalisation will also be addressed.

Advertising and branding
The role of advertising and
branding and how these
mechanisms influence consumer
behaviour is discussed. On
two levels, from a selling and
purchasing perspective, we
examine how different media
interact with and influence
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