Consumer Behaviour

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Summer Internship Programme (SIP)
 Section A: Course Structure  Section B: Schedule  Section C: Guidelines for Report Preparation

Section A: Course Structure
1. At the end of the 3rd trimester, each student is required to undergo a summer training of six to eight weeks duration in the industry by undertaking a real life project. 2. Students will undertake SIP under the supervision of two mentors—Supervisor appointed by the company and the Faculty Supervisor assigned to every student by the Institute. During the time of summer training, progress of each student is monitored by the Institute. 3. Students are to submit the Joining Report and Synopsis of the project in the prescribed formats (refer Annexure) in accordance with the SIP activity schedule (refer Section B for details). 4. Faculty Supervisor/ Placement Manager will be in touch with the respective Company Supervisors and also meet once in-person during the SIP. 5. Students are to inform their respective Faculty Supervisors regarding the progress of work on a continuous basis. 6. Students should feel free to contact their respective Faculty Supervisors for any discussion or difficulty faced during the SIP with prior appointment. 7. After the successful completion of the project, students have to prepare a project report (80-100 pages) and are evaluated as per the Evaluation Guidelines. 8. Each student will submit two hard bound copies and a soft copy (on CD) of the Summer Internship Project Reports in the recommended format to their respective Faculty Supervisor. 9. Students are to strictly follow the prescribed format for preparing the report (refer report writing guidelines and Annexure for the prescribed formats). 10. Summer-training consists of 200 marks, and the distribution of marks is as per the Evaluation Guidelines. 11. Each candidate will have a time slot of 20 minutes for the Presentation and Viva-Voce.

Section B: SIP Schedule



Joining report duly signed by the Company Within 3 days of joining the Summer Internship(Joining beyond 1st week of June Supervisor (via e-mail) 2011 will not be accepted) Submission of synopsis (not more than 7-10 Within 7 days of joining Summer Internship pages; submission via e-mail; refer Annexure for Synopsis format) Work-in-progress report (via e-mail/in-person Weekly to the respective Faculty Supervisor with prior appointment) (every Friday)

Faculty Supervisor’s/ Placement Manager’s 3rd week of June 2011 visit to the organization to meet respective Company Supervisor Submission of report to the respective Faculty 25th July 2011 (Tentative) Supervisor Presentation and Viva-Voce Second week of August 2011

a. Timely submission of joining report: 10 marks b. Timely submission of SYNOPSIS: 30 marks c. Weekly submission of Progress Report: 60 marks – 10 marks per week for 6 weekly reports d. Final SIP Report submission: 60 marks for report evaluation (marks will be deducted for late submission) e. Presentation and Viva-Voce: 40 marks a. Presentation Style b. Analysis & Recommendations c. Overall Learning d. Time Management TOTAL 15 10 10 5 40

The main role of summer internship is to acquaint the students with the rigors of the corporate world and provide a live opportunity to apply skills, tools and techniques of management. The technical research work / study / problem undertaken by the students for detailed investigation culminate into a Formal Report. As findings may be presented orally or in writing, the term ‘report’ refers to either form of presentation. Students are to prepare a power point presentation for Presentation and Viva-Voce, in addition to the written report. To write an effective report, it is essential to plan its contents well, though the report formats may vary according to the nature of study and the company where the study is undertaken. Most research reports include the following...
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