Consumer Behaviour

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3BM090 Consumer Behavior
Assignment 1: Perception

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Table of Content
1. Introduction3
2. Perception3
3. The positioning map4
4. Sensory systems5
5.1. Vision5
5.2. Sound7
5.3. Touch8
5.4. Smell9
5.5. Taste10
5. Sensory Thresholds11
6.6. Absolute Thresholds11
6.7. Differential Thresholds12
6. Subliminal Perception12
7. Perception Selection13
8.8. Exposure13
8.9. Attention13
8. Interpretation14
9.10. Figure-ground15
9. Symbols15
10. Conclusion16

1. Introduction
In this modern advanced business era, we are able to receive information from different ways. There are many things that can influence how consumers receive information. According to Armstrong and Kotler (2009), marketing is to attract new customers, keep and grow the current customers, manage customer relationship and satisfy customer needs. Again, Armstrong and Kotler (2009) define the marketing as the company create value for customers and build up the customer relationship. It is about needs and wants from customers. Understand consumer behavior is about development of marketing strategies especially in pricing, product design, segmentation, positioning and promotion (Solomon et al, 2009). After all, the purpose of marketing is to influence the perception of customers. The aim of the report is to discuss how the perception influences the consumer buying behavior. 2. Perception

Perception is assembling information through by senses: see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. However, different people see things and ideas from different viewpoint and different opinions, so they have different perception in the words (Himansu, 2009). Besides that, there are many different stimuli but only a small portion can really reach our attention. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the difference between sensation and perception. Sensation is the immediate response of our sensory receptors to such basic stimuli as light, color and sound; Perception is the process by which these stimuli are selected, organized and interpreted (Solomon et al, 2006). Figure 1: An overview of the perception process

Source: Solomon et al, 2006
Perception plays an important part in marketing. Marketers have to identify the target customer and find out how the customer perceives the world. Marketer can, through advertising, media, messaging, and company news to influence stimuli of consumer. Marketers have to develop specific stimuli to let their customer to percept about their products clearly and everlasting (Himansu, 2009). 3. The positioning maps

Perceptual map (also called positioning map) visualization represents of consumers’ perceptions and preferences of the particular products or brand. It is to demonstrate the perception of consumers with intuitive visualization of image expression. Understand the map can help to relate the position of corporate competitor and helps to build competitive strategy (Hausman, 2010). Figure 2: Perceptual map for car industry

Source: Hausman, 2010

Figure 2offer a perceptual map for the car industry. This perceptual map identified by two dimensions (sporty and conservative, classy distinctive and practical affordable) to describe and to show the consumer perception of different brands of car. As the result, the consumer percept Porsche is the most sport and most classy car, and Plymouth is the most practical and most conservation car. The position mark closer to the brand for consumers of these brands is similar in the relevant dimension. In Figure 2, consumer percept Buick, Chrysler and Oldsmobile as similar. According to Dibb and Simkin (2008), perceptual map is important for marketer to understand the position of their product such as spatial map. It is useful in the development...

Bibliography: Figure 1: An overview of the perception process
Source: Solomon et al, 2006
Source: Hausman, 2010
Figure 2offer a perceptual map for the car industry
4. Sensory Systems
According to Science Daily (2012), sensory system is part of nervous system responsible for process sensory information and is parts of the brain involved in sensory perception
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