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Executive Summary
In this consumer behavior assignment, I used report formal. Besides that, the product that has given me the highest satisfaction when I purchased is Sony Xperia S, and I had to decide and choose Sony Xperia S this product for my consumer behavior assignment. In this consumer behavior assignment, I have introduced the product history, product background, criterias or features of product and the consumer behavior theory that relevant to my purchasing. Meanwhile, I have provided some picture of Sony Xperia S to make my explanation more distinct.

Introduction of Sony Xperia S and consumer behavior theory related with Sony Xperia S and me.
1.0 Sony Ericsson’s History
Sony Ericsson was established by two companies, which are Sony Corporation and Ericsson, founded in 2001 (Telford, 2008). Lars Magnus Ericsson is the creator and the director of the Ericsson Company, and he is the first person who mended telegraph equipment and opens telegraph repair workshop in Sweden, founded in 1876. After two year, he started worked with his employee to design and manufactured out the first telegraph called “electrical speech machine’’ in Ericsson Company (Nilsson, 2001). Following figure 1.1 shows the electrical speech machine.

Figure 1.1
Japan country is the first created Sony product. Formerly, all Sony products are under by Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company. In 1958, the name of company was officially changed to Sony Corporation and established in Nihonbashi. In 1968, Sony product was a famous technology product in global technology market. Meanwhile, Sony Corporation succeeded as one of the best consumer electronic brands in the world. In 2001 October, Sony Corporation and Ericsson agreed to cooperate and create a Sony Ericsson brand phone, meanwhile Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB was established from 2001 until present. Sony Ericsson C1002S is the first phone released from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB. Following figure 1.2 shows the Sony Ericsson C1002S.

Figure 1.2
Beside that, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB vision statement is to become the communication entertainment brand and mission statement is to provide quality end to end communication services to small and medium sized corporate business (coolpatil, 2010). 2.0 Sony Xperia S Background

In this era, smartphone is a very popular electronic phone for all people, such as Iphone, Sony Xperia, Samsung galaxy, HTC and so on. Besides that, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB was released and created many different model, different design, and different specifications of phone. For example, the first generation Sony Ericsson mobile phone was keypad phone. Next, in second generation, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB used Walkman and Cybershot camera combine it together with Sony Ericsson phone and released to consumers. The second generation mobile phone is to attract consumers, who likes to take photo and likes listen music or song. Furthermore, in third generation, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB released and manufactured smartphone to consumer like Sony Xperia S. As a result, we can see Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB was created every new phone depend on future generation.

3.0 Nature of Sony Xperia S
The product I choose for this assignment is Sony Xperia S. In 5 March 2012, Sony Xperia S was emerging to all country (McCann, 2012). Sony Xperia S is an Android Gingerbread device, which is upgradable to Android ICS. Sony Xperia S just one simple squares, curves, and vogue look external design. Meanwhile, Sony Xperia S possesses the transparent strip below the display and display screen of the phone is 4.3-inch with Sony's Bravia HD technology wide and it has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and measurement was 128 x 64 x 10.6mm. The weight of Sony Xperia S is 144grams and it is only 10.6mm thickness. Furthermore, Sony Xperia S just available two colours, that is black and white...
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