Consumer Behaviour

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Milk is an opaque white liquid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals (including monotremes). It provides the primary source of nutrition for newborns before they are able to digest other types of food. The early lactation milk is known as colostrum and carries the mother’s antibodie to the baby. The exact component of rawmilk varies by species, but it contains significant amounts of saturated fat, protein and calcium as well as vitamin C.

In biblical times, the ideal home was in a “land flowing in milk and honey”. In India, the Hindu cultures demand the cow a sacred animal not to be killed. But the age of worship of cow is gone; it is now a biological machine. The rate of child death in India is about 40 percent and nearly 10 lakh children are dying due o under nourishment. Milk contains all the important ingredients like lactose, protein, calcium and riboflavin, which help to overcome under nourishment and thus reduce child death rate. The milk revolution in India was in the early 1950’s stretching to a period of twenty years. Technically milk is lacteal secretion which is free of colostrums and it contain on average 83.4 percent water, 6.5 percent fact, 4.9 percent lactose, 4 percent protein,0.7 percent ash and 0.5 percent vitamins. It is believed that milk contains approximately thirteen times as much phosphorous, 5 times much potassium but only one-seventh chloride as does blood plasma. About 85 percent of the world’s human population prefers foodstuff of animal origin in the form of milk and meat in their regular diet. Though milk has high nutritive value, it is often seen that it is not within the research of an average Indian. Therefore the overall picture in the national sense is very grim. However it is very significant to note that about 85-86 percent of the families in India do not have the means to consume milk even for a day (protein association of India).

Further it is a very well known fact that the lack of adequate milk consumption makes the human body environment very fertile for the growth and development of various diseases. This, in the long run, affects the national health preservation and development programs.

Milma is an organization concerned with procurement, processing and marketing of milk and milk products. It is a well known source of milk in Kerala state and enjoys a monopoly status in the state, especially in Trivandrum. This project work is a study on the consumer satisfaction of Milma milk in Trivandrum District.


To find the acceptability of the product.
To know the reasons for consumers switching over to competitors product. To know the level of consumers satisfaction of the product. To find out the factor influencing purchase decision.


Collect the data from the consumers through questionnaires.


Due to the short span of time allotted for this project work intense study was not possible.  Since people working in the department were dealing with tight schedules of work, the data collection was delayed. It was difficult to collect information from the consumers in Trivandrum District.


Dairy Industry in India

In 1998, India achieved the distinction of becoming the world’s largest milk producer. Milk production the year 2000 was 81 million tons representing 14% of the world production. In the year 2000 India’s milk production grew almost 4.2% as against the world’s average growth of less than 1%. India is well set to retain its position as he world’s top milk producers.

Started in 1970, the 3 phases of operation flood have pushed India’s milk production from 21 million tons to 81 million tons in 2000. According to the World Bank impact study, Rs 200 crores invested in the programme in 1981 returned s 24,000 crores per year between1985-1995. It may be noted that the growth in milk...
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