Consumer Behavior Snickers

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Consumer Behavior

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.General presentation of the brand.1

Chapter 2.Perception test. 5

Chapter 3.Chinese test6

3.1.Vip-asociation analysis7
3.2.Animal-asociation analysis8
3.3.Color-association analysis9

Managerial implications11

Final conclusions12



Chapter 1.General presentation of the brand.

Snickers is a chocolate bar consisting of chewy peanut butter nougat with a topping of caramel and roasted peanut bar covered in dairy milk chocolate. It is made by a US based private corporation – Mars, Incorporated which is one of the world’s largest food and confectionary manufacturers. Snickers is a well-known chocolate bar and is sold all over the world, over 15 million bars are made daily with annual sales of over $2 billion making it one of the most popular candy bars ever produced.

The founders of Mars Incorporated, Frank and Ethel Mars created the very successful Milky Way chocolate bar in the early 1920s which was America’s most popular candy bar between 1927 and 1929 allowing the company to expand and innovate new recipes for chocolate candy bars. It took over three years to develop Snickers chocolate bar and wasn’t released in the market until 1930. Frank and Ethel also owned a farm in Tennessee that bred race horses, some of them were regulars weep stake winners including Ethel’s favorite horse named Snickers. Sadly the horse died a couple of months before the new product was to be released. Since a new name had not been settled on and the farm in any event had been named after the first chocolate bar, the Milky Way Farm, it seemed fitting that the next chocolate bar should take its name from the farm. Ethel was delighted by all accounts that the name of her favorite horse would be chosen.

Snickers bars were initially made by pouring the peanut butter nougat onto a large tray, then adding the caramel and peanut topping and slicing by hand before dipping each piece into melted chocolate. Of course the increasing use of machines to increase volumes meant that old handmade way is no longer practiced. It is a sign of the times that the first Milky Way bar sold for just 5 cents in 1920, yet the Snickers candy bar sold for 20 cents in 1930 when it was first released. Mars Company was inspired from the association with a prize winning race horse to identify the Snickers candy bar with athletes. There were rumors that Forrest Mars Sir, while in Europe and separated from his father back in the US decided to brand the Snickers bar as the Marathon bar because of the high calorie count. After his father’s death Mars in the US came under his control and while the same candy bar continued to be known by the different names, they both became synonymous with sport performance. The end of WW II ushered in a golden age of radio and television advertising, the future was considered bright. Capitalism, democracy and the American way of life were believed to be the peak of human accomplishment which led to the production of major brands such as Snickers being associated with clean wholesome entertainment; this further led directly to Snickers becoming the main sponsor of The Howdy Doody Show from 1949 till 1952.

Very little changed with the Snickers brand during its first forty years of production, except in 1968 when Mars were inspired to produce the Snickers mini candy bar which was sold in bags of a dozen or more and were labeled ‘fun size’.  Fun size candy bars were heavily marketed but the parents were concerned about the sugar and fat content of regular size chocolate bars as the ideal addition to school lunch boxes and family snacks for the kitchen food store.

Snickers candy bars in the UK and Ireland had been known as Marathon...
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