Consumer Behavior MidTerm

Topics: Addiction, Psychology, Classical conditioning Pages: 3 (550 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Mid-Term Review

Chapters 1-6

1) The differences between sensation and perception.
Sensation refers to the immediate response of our sensory receptors (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers) to such basic stimuli as light, color, sound, odors, and textures. Perception is the process by which these sensations are selected, organized, and interpreted. The study of perception, then, focuses on what we add to or take away from these raw sensations to give them meaning.

2) The difference between ideal & actual self. Also, how do we bridge the gaps between the two selves?’ The ideal self is a person’s conception of how he or she would like to be. This self is partly molded by heroes (or advertising depictions) in one’s culture. The actual self refers to our more realistic appraisal of the qualities we have and don’t have. Although most people experience a discrepancy between their real and ideal selves, for some consumers this gap is larger than for others. a) These people are good targets for fantasy appeals.

b) A fantasy or daydream is a self-induced shift in consciousness that is sometimes a way of compensating for a lack of external stimulation or of escaping from problems in the real world. c) Marketing strategies focused on fantasies allow us to extend our vision of ourselves by placing us in unfamiliar, exciting situations or by permitting us to “try on” interesting or provocative roles. d) The thousands of personal Web sites people create to make a statement about themselves relate to the motivation to project a version of the self (perhaps an idealized one) into popular culture.

3) Know the difference between addictive consumption, compulsive consumption, and consumed consumers. Addictive Consumption
Consumer addiction is a physiological and/or psychological dependency on products or services. New examples of this might be video gaming or SMS addictions. Compulsive Consumption
Compulsive consumption refers to repetitive shopping, often excessive, as...
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