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Consumer Behavior
Consumer Behavior – Database Lifestyle

A well-defined target market is the first element in the marketing strategy. Finding a target market can be a complex task depending on the product and how effectively it is advertised. If a product is advertised correctly marketers can expand their market and continue to make their products successful, if they don’t the product will eventually become obsolete. A strategy marketers use to test their product is in advertising. Marketers frequently bombard consumers all over the world with new products in magazines, billboard the Internet and on T.V, for a reason, they want to gather information over consumers consumption. This will help marketers determine or predict the success of a product in the market place. Marketers understand how crucial it is to know what consumers want at the moment and how important it is to keep up with the fast changing market. Another reason they gather information is to help them pin point the groups are more prone to buy their product and which ones are not. This also enables marketers to attain new ways to advertise to other consumers and other markets that are not buying so they can expand and reach maximum profitability. The DDB data provided is important information gathered to develop a marketing strategy for each type of consumer, this information will help recognize patterns and difference amongst consumers and will help establish a strategic plan to market more effectively.

1. Examine the DDB data in Tables 1A through 7A for differences among heavier consumers of the following. Why do you think these differences exist? How would you use these insights to develop marketing strategy?

A. Gourmet coffee bar
After reviewing all the data from the tables over consumers who visited gourmet coffee bar or café in households, I began to see a pattern in consumption amongst those who have children at home ages 0-5and those who have a large house hold size. One thing that I noticed was that the house holds that had six people or more had a higher percentage in visiting a gourmet coffee bar or café. A reason for this could be that the parents or other adults have more than one job to make financial ends meet or because they have multiple young children at home. When households are that big it is common that the consumer have multiple children at home, if there are multiple children at home then it is likely that the workload is bigger than smaller households. Another factor that could affect the frequent visits to coffee bars would be the age of the children, according to the data households, consumers that had children in the ages of 0-5, visited more frequently than those who had older children. A reason for this would be the time and effort that younger children require; they need more attention, supervision and work than older children do. Also since young children demand more work and time, parents and other family members that live in the household don’t acquire the rest needed to start their day, which causes them to seek caffeine to help them stay awake and productive to make up for their lack of sleep. Another thing that could also intrigue a consumer from a larger household with multiple kids ages 0-5 to go to a coffee bar is a break from the busy life. A coffee bar allows the consumer to slow down and enjoy their quiet time away from their hectic schedule and fully relax.

Another difference in consumers who visited a gourmet coffee bar or café was household income, education, tech savys and occupation. After looking at the numbers I saw that consumers who had a higher degree and were professionals with incomes of $100, 000 + visited more frequently than those who were not professionals and had only graduated from high school and make approximately $40, 000 to $50, 000 a year. A reason for this could be that the consumers that have a higher degree and became professionals went to college and had...
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