Consumer Behavior Exercise

Topics: Vitamin D, Milk, Supermarket Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Consumer Behavior Exercise

We took milk as the example. In this case, my roommate John was the decision-making unit. I asked the question about who played role in the decision process, did the booth with free simple could effect his decision, and he said he never tried the free simple because it was a drinks, he feels sick about the unpacking milk was exposed in the air especially at supermarket, however, the discount played the important role for his decision process, he prefer better price for the final purchase. His motivation to buy is kind of interesting, because his Vitamin D deficiency, in New England, it has clouds coverage, we don’t have enough sun, the sun give us the vitamin D and we need that for a bodies, and especially for him, if he get sun and easily burn, so he can’t been in the sun for too long, he needs drink more milk than us. The attribute for him is being healthy. And it was a “critical” and casual decision for him because he’s knowing that he needs vitamin D, he has awareness about if his milk was lowing and he have to get more, the milk like his drugs. John tried to see what other products had vitamin D in it, and pretty much milk is the best product to use-depends on the price and the quality. For the all kind of milks the 1% milk is the best choose in his mind, because he think it has better tastes and also he like color blue, the package of whole milk is red, 2% is yellow and 1% is blue. The place where to buy is came first because he already knew what to buy, and he prefer nearby place, like anyplace. Whenever John go to supermarket or grocery store he get use to grab a bottle of milk. Five dollars can’t get much today, everybody grab sort of, like consumption. People buy them for the daily needs, and get use to get them in the daily purchase, because in this price, the quality of the product is similar between each other, the better deal and unique package is more attractive for the consumers.
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