Consumer Behavior: Cadillac Case Study

Topics: Appeal, United States, Culture Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: June 7, 2010
Case Study # 3
Rollin’ in a ‘Sclade

1. Cadillac’s “new customer” can be described as a subculture for many reasons. A subculture can be defined as a group whose members share beliefs and common experiences that set them apart from others. In 1998, when GM introduced its first Escalade, a new customer based was created for Cadillac. Prior to this new product, the customer base of Cadillac primarily consisted of upper-middle class, aging, Caucasian drivers. The conception of the Escalade extended the targeted market, and created a new customer-based for Cadillac of which a new subculture emerged. This subculture consist of individuals who share the common experience of owning a huge, luxurious, SUV that is appealing to the average pop culture individual. This subculture can be described as a completely new blend of demographics (known to Cadillac) ranging from young professional athletes to rap artist, mostly of African American decent.

2. There are a few main features and attributes of the Escalade that have made it a hip-hop hit. The tangible features and attributes include the large exterior and huge grill with appealing rims and tires that gives the SUV a luxurious look. Intangible attributes include the endorsements by various hip-hop artists, along with the safety, durability, and other pros associated with the Cadillac brand. The features of the SUV have been showcased and praised in many hip-hop artist videos and songs that make it a legit Hip-Hop hit. The hip-hop appeal for this vehicle was given with its inception therefore, I believe it would be difficult to extend the appeal to other (pre-existing) models. However, Cadillac will be able to extend a new appeal targeted to the pop culture by way of a new sedan (car) model especially now, while more Americans even in the pop culture are becoming more economical in their spending, which may create a new- broader subculture.

3. There are great lessons to be learned from Cadillac’s good...
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