Consumer Behavior Audit of Partylite

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Consumer Behavior Audit of PartyLite
Market Segmentation
A.External influences
1. PartyLite products are typically bought by affluent to middle income females. The social class associated with PartyLite is either Upper Americans or Middle Class groups who holds their home's appearance as important. 2. Although either gender can use the product, PartyLite products are typically purchased by females. Due to the nature of how the candles are sold, though in-home parties directed towards female social groups, it is doubtful that in the future males will become interested in buying the products. 3. The social subculture has the greatest impact on the purchase and consumption of PartyLite products. Because of the high, the product is typically more expensive than similar products available for purchase in a retail store. Due to this Upper Americans purchase products to show the use of the prestige brand. Middle class Americans who hold the appearance of their home as important purchase the PartyLite brand name to decorate with unique items. 4. Age, gender, and income are all factors in the consumption of PartyLite candles. Consumers are typically young adults to middle age adults with expendable income to use on this non-necessity good. PartyLite in-home parties are typically held in the suburban areas where there are more consultants available to facilitate shows. 5. Is this product particularly appropriate for consumers with relatively high (or low) incomes compared to others in their occupational group (ROCI)? 6. PartyLite products, and careers, are directed towards women with families and who value their home's appearance. 7. PartyLite products aren't typically innovative. It is a trusted brand name that would benefit by focusing on the early majorities and late majorities who are already loyal to the brand. Also focusing on the early adopters to be a show host to influence the early majority. 8. New homeowners, who previously didn't have space to decorate, may start the consumption process by trying different PartyLite products to determine which is their favorite. Once they become experienced homeowners, know their sense of decoration, and know what they like they will become set in what scent of candles and styles they like. The purchase process is typically completed by the female at the head of the household. B.Internal influences

1. PartyLite products are unique in the fact that the need for people may differ depending on how they purchase the product. One way of purchasing is through in-home parties. In this case, the motive for purchasing could be to please the hostess of the party. It could have to do with the motive to be seen favorably by the hostess and other people at the party. Another motive would be to purchase products that make your home look and smell nicer, and this requires a need to have a nice home. 2. People who believe they need to have expensive, brand name items to make their home look nice would be well suited for PartyLite. The product is also suited for people who tend to purchase more under the influence of friends (in the party atmosphere). The self-concept would have to be that they need to please others by purchasing items at their party, or by displaying the items in their home. 3. The technical affect by candle/scents on emotion would be one way this product could affect someone. A consumer could become used to, or somewhat addicted, to a certain smell, and crave for their surroundings to smell like it. However, due to the fact that you order the product and have to wait for it to arrive, buyers remorse could take affect when the product is already purchased yet there is no tangible item to display. 4. The product is marketed for people who seek a lifestyle of luxury, but could satisfy a variety of lifestyles. C.Situational influences

1. This product is most appropriate for a situation in which consumers influence others to buy products. Since the products are mainly...
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