Consumer Behavior Analysis

Topics: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Consumer Behavior Analysis
Scott Gresham
Mary-Lynne Ament

Consumer Behavior Analysis
Our country is extremely diverse. We are reminded this every day, especially if we live in metropolitan areas. In Dallas, for instance, it is quite common to be in constant contact with individuals from all corners of the world. Marketers, even in the United States, have to understand how to navigate the different cultural, religious, and social differences when selling products. This challenge is magnified when a marketing team is asked to sell a product abroad. In this type of situation, the social, cultural, and religious challenges are magnified, and what sells well here, might not work near as well in another country. Two extremely prominent US companies have faced these challenges abroad. First of all, Apple, the makers of the Iphone, faced many challenges in Japan. Secondly, the Walt Disney Company learned quite a few lessons during the development of Hong Kong Disneyland. This paper will analyze the challenges of Apple and Walt Disney when they expanded to these countries. Apple

Apple Computer, Inc is located in Cupertino, California. The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. From 1976 until today, Apple has been a company synonymous with innovation (apple-history, Jan ) . Apple is largely responsible for the growth of the personal computer, and the Ipod and Iphone are now staples in America and almost a part of our culture. In 2010, Apple's sales topped 65 billion dollars, and Apple is viewed by many as the most successful company in the world (apple-history, Jan ) . When Apple launched the Iphone 3G, the launch was worldwide, and sales were brisk. The entire world was stricken with the Iphone bug. The Ipod was already a staple around the globe, and an Ipod that could also be used as a phone was just what everyone was asking for. There was, however, one country that Apple really...

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