Consumer Behavior

Topics: Marketing, Consumer, Organism Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: September 7, 2011
Q: What consumer needs are driving the success of product like compbell’s soup at hand? Consider both biological and learned needs? Ans: yes, the consumer needs are driving the success of product compbell’s soup at hand. Biological needs are basic needs of every consumer and first of all, all consumers learned his needs and than full fill the biological needs. When compbell’s company feels that lunched the new product than the chief of marketing strategy he sees that the life style of consumer is changed. Today in the world every one led the very fast life. Than the compbell’s company learned the consumer needs and lunched the soup at hand and this soup full fill the biological needs of the consumer. Q: Are some needs more power full than others? Illustrate this by discussing the needs that customer might be sacrificing in order to satisfy other needs? Ans: yes, some needs of the customer is more power full of other because biological needs are more power full needs of other. Sometime consumer sacrificing the needs in order to satisfy the other needs like that consumer would like to that soup in canned but this is not full fill requirement and soup gets in pellets. Thus costumer sacrificing the needs in order to satisfy the other needs .Campbell’s is experiencing a resurgence based on line of on-the-go products that might have flopped 10 or 20 years ago; today, they’re just what the customer ordered.
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