Consumer behavior

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In the first set of questions, a situation or scenario was presented to the participants. They were then asked how they interpreted the actions of those involved in the scenario. The participants were asked follow-up questions pertaining to likelihood of similar situations repeating themselves at a later date and other estimations related to the scenarios described to them. The participants seemed thrilled to analyze how they would react to a given situation mentioned in the survey. However, the first half of the survey was easier for the participants to respond to compared to the later part of the survey. This was because the question format had the greatest influence on the time the participants took to think of their responses. The second set of questions asked the participants about their feelings pertaining to close relationships. They were presented with a statement about themselves and were then asked to describe how much they agreed or disagreed with the statement. This section of the survey seemed a bit taxing to the participants due to the sheer number of questions and the similarity of the questions. Many of the participants mentioned that they thought they had answered the same question earlier in the survey. It seemed to them that the same questions were reworded, however responses weren’t always consistent among similar questions. This may have been due to the participants’ perception of the question based upon the wording and variable connotations. Survey 1-5

Survey 1 to 5 were conducted through a closed group of peers/friends. The data collection process took place in the School of Business and on the phone. It was made sure that the participants had enough time on their hands when they took the survey, to avoid any rushed responses. Before collecting the surveys, there were assumptions about personalities of certain participants. However, after collecting the surveys it seem like the actual personality of the participants were predicted...
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