Consumer Behavior

Topics: Snack food, Emotion, Snack foods Pages: 3 (711 words) Published: January 22, 2013
How are industries such as the banana industry changing consumer attitudes towards both their products as well as the industry as a whole?

Need to engage in campaigns that change the way consumers feel, their beliefs and their behaviours towards these product categories. Explain how these can be done.

Use the tri component attitude model

Many branded snack foods like Oreo’s Cookies, Mars Chocolate, is associated with an image or identity that is portrayed by its brand itself. Having the disadvantage, the banana industry therefore focuses on promoting banana as ‘nature snack food’ and as an alternative to other ‘less healthy’ snack foods in the market. Hence, it will create a public attention whether to consume a healthier choice of snacks over a processed snacks.

Nowadays the main concern for people is their health and is particular with the food they consume. Banana industry can come up with new ideas of product packaging, for example, banana bars. Banana bars contains high level of energy and is rich in carbohydrate. Although chocolate bars has high level of energy as well, but also contains high level of sugar and fats which will affect ones health. Hence, Banana bars will be a preferable choice for targeted market.

As there is a need to boost the exposure for banana industry, they can create a banana-look mascot to promote ‘facts on bananas brochure’ to allow better understanding of the product for the people on the street.

Banana industry could also use media as a way to influence the consumer. For example, TV advertisement can portray bananas as an energetic snack food associating their consumption with activities such as dancing, riding bikes. Through this advertisement, it bring across a message to the consumer that eating a carbohydrate-rich food, like a banana, is a healthy practice because it helps you to recover and refuel.

Besides using media as a route to promote banana industry, Marketers should look at different alternative...
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