“Consumer Acceptability & Brand Images of Parag & Amul in Lucknow.”

Topics: Milk, Marketing, Dairy product Pages: 39 (7816 words) Published: January 12, 2011

“Consumer Acceptability & Brand Images of
Parag & Amul in Lucknow.”


ctives :

1. To acquire a better understanding of business environment under the professional guidance of practicing.

2. The practical experience acquired in the business concern with the theoretical knowledge received in classrooms and apply them in actual business situations soon after the completion of PGDM program.

3. To perform a propose analysis of functioning of various departments of the business concern where I undergo the training.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives my training was arranged in “PRADESHIK CORPORATIVE DAIRY FEDERATION LIMITED, LUCKNOW” training commenced on 28 April. 10 and concluded on 23June. 2010.





Any assignment puts to litmus test of an individual knowledge credibility or experience and thus sole efforts of an individual are not sufficient to accomplish the desire successful completion of a project involve interest and effort of many people and so this becomes obligatory on the part to record our thanks to those who helped us out in the successful completion of our project.

Life is a process of accumulating and discharging debts, not all of those can be measured. We cannot hope to discharge them with simple words of thanks but we can certainly acknowledge them.

At this level of understanding it is often difficult to comprehend and assimilate a wide spectrum of knowledge without proper guidance and advice. Hence, I would like to thank Respected M.K Srivastava marketing in charge, for his Support, Noble Guidance and Encouragement, which made this project successful. We are extremely thankful to him for making this project worthful.

I express my sincere gratitude to my industry guide Mr. M.K SRIVASTAVA (Marketing In charge) of PRADESHIK CORPORATIVE DARIY FEDERATION LTD. for his able guidance, continuous support and cooperation throughout my project without which the present work would not have been possible.

I pay my sincere thanks to entire team of, PRADESHIK CORPORATIVE DARIY FEDERATION LTD for the constant support and helping in the successful completion of my p

In each and every management training scheme there is a provision for real time job experience within the academics time period. It calls as summer training or corporate training or corporate interaction; the main aim of this is to introduce to the corporate arena. This training is to utilize and implement the theoretical knowledge of the classroom into real corporate world. It is well said, “Nothing is much practical than a good theory” but on the very same we can’t deny “practical is better than theory”. These phrases are opposing each other but also are complementary to each other. Experiencing both in a good dedicated manner really plays a lot in one’s professional carrier. In the field of marketing the scenario is no exception. Field exposure is very much necessary for the student of marketing too. In this stream of business the application of theory is very frequent. From consumer behavior to consumer satisfaction all the theory can be experienced in a day spend in the field of marketing. Marketing is now so much diversified that now it can be done by mere use of cell phone or by Internet, but experiencing the real marketing tactics is only possible by working in the field. Therefore I am really thankful to my college and Parag dairy for providing me with this opportunity. I have worked at different level and at different areas in Parag dairy. In initial days I work there as route in charge. The job was to with delivery van and to collect the feedback of agent and retailers. Next job was to go to shop owners and to convince them to do business with the dairy. The third phase was...
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