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1. Explain a person’s attitude towards visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong in terms of the tri-component model.
A tri-component attitude model consists of three major components as affect, cognition and conation. It is implying that Disneyland in Hong Kong has the unique attraction towards the customer. The first part of this model refers to cognition that is knowledge and perception that are acquired by a combination of the attitude object and related information from different sources. With reference to visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong it is a great place to visit and have a fun with the kids, where people are able to rest from common daily activities. The cognitive component towards Disneyland is what people experienced by visiting this place and what information they got from various sources (friends, ads). Affective component considers a person’s feelings and emotional response to an attitude object. It is mostly learnt during our daily live. This is the way as we feel. We may love the place as Disneyland. It gives joy, happiness and join the family. It could have a good emotion or feeling about it. Conation, the final component concerns how the consumer will behave with regard to attitude object. People will go and visit Disneyland in Hong Kong and spend time with the family there.
2. Explain how the product manager of a breakfast cereal might change consumer attitudes toward the company’s brand by:
a. changing beliefs about the brand,
b. changing beliefs about competing brands,
c. changing the relative evaluation of attitudes, and
d. adding an attribute.
The product manager might change consumer attitudes towards the company’s brand by different ways. It could be done by emphasizing the attributes the brand .
a) Product manager might change consumer attitude toward the brand by changing beliefs about the brand. It mostly appeals from advertisement, so production manager should try to make customers willing to buy this product by successful

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