Consumer's Behaviour for Longchamp

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Table of Content
1 Situational Analysis Pg 3 2 Segmentation Method Pg 4 3.1 Demographic Pg 4 3.2 Geographic Pg 4 3.3 Psychographic Pg 5 3.4 Behaviouristic Pg 5 3 Target and Positioning Pg 6 4.5 Target and Positioning

4.6 Perception Map
4 Psychological Factors 5.7 Motivation Pg 7 5.8 Customer Perception Pg 8 5.9 Learning Pg 8 5.10 Customers Attitude Pg 9 5 Sociological Factors 6.11 Social Class Pg 10 6.12 Family Pg 10 6.13 References Group Pg 11 6 Conclusion Pg 12 7 Reference list Pg 13

1. Situation Analysis
Longchamp is family owned brand that has been around for almost 70 years. This brand began in 1948 when Jean Cassegrain, the father of today's President, founded the company. The milestone of the business started off from tobacco business, followed by concentrating in leather coating for cigarette cases. When the smokers’ market is declining, this is when he decides to display leather wallets for men in his shop window. Little by little, bags replaced smokers’ items in the company’s sales outlets. Currently with only 3 boutiques located in Singapore, it competes in the saturated fashion market with other well known fashion brands such as Chanel and Hermes. Due to the fact of being a privately owned firm which will inevitably affect its financial position when compared with other brands with regard to advertising efforts. Looking further into the employment status, Longchamp has 35% male and 65% female employees which indicate a strong emphasis in hiring female employees which might assist in strengthening its position in the female handbags market in terms of understanding the needs and design of ladies handbags.

2. Market Segmentation
Longchamp’s have segmented their customers by geographic, demographic, psychographic and behaviouristic: 2.1 Geographic
Longchamp has been a luxury brand in 102 countries. In Singapore, Longchamp is only available in Orchard Road, like ION Orchard, Takashimaya and Paragon. As Orchard is well known for offering a dazzling array of international names suited to all tastes and budgets. By locating at Orchard, it can increase...

References: Source: From Jeffrey F.Dugree et al., “Observations: Translating Values onto Product Wants,” Journal of Advertising Research, 36, 6 (November 1996).
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