Consulting Report to Marcus Kingo

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Consulting Report to Marcus Kingo -2011

Summary statement

Exponential growth in Kingo’s business has resulted in operational complexity and errors, creating an opportunity for improving the strategic management of the day-to-day operations. Since inception less than two years ago the company has grown from one truck to five and sales revenue has increased from $300,000 to $600,000. This additional growth has spanned into new geographical areas and which now includes Kitchener and Hamilton. Ojha consulting recommends the implementation of Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Problem identification

High business growth demand has increased complexity and quantity of essential information that needs to be shared among staff. The scope of your problem includes: 1. Inefficiencies in data communication leading to errors 2. Noncompliance with drivers not completing their data templates 3. Ineffective use of time – correcting database errors is taking the data clerk and yourself all day to fix 4. Decreasing service quality – your company’s reputation is suffering because of mistakes and negative customer interactions 5. Fixing all these errors and “putting out fires” is distracting you from further growing your business.

Kingo your simple virtual-based business model that allowed you to successfully grow to its current state does not meet present demands. To stay “virtual”, company information needs to be easily accessible to all your staff in “real time” so that all employees can log-on to information as it is occurring. The “passing on” of information from one employee to the other is leading to mistakes especially with the increasing number of customers you are taking on.

Evaluative criteria
An ideal business solution for your company needs an integrated IT solution that includes: Functionality – does it meet your main communication needs for staff and customers in real time? 1. Central database that can be accessible remotely by the users 2. Elimination of data communication through internal email 3. Automatic e-mails to customers providing confirmation of service request and detailed billing. This will provide the customer with increased transparency and quality. Evaluation of this criterion will be based on whether or not the IT solution can provide the above.

Ease of use
Your work force does not have “high IT skills” and the company size cannot support an IT professional at this time. Furthermore your daily operation relies heavily on whatever IT solution you choose. We recommend a solution that matches the simplicity of your business model and is user friendly with all staff. Metrics for evaluation will be staff satisfaction and the tracking of errors with the system upon implementation.

Vendor Support
In keeping with the skill set within your company any IT solution chosen will require easy to access vendor support. Factors to keep in mind for this include hours available for support and anticipated costs for this service. Evaluation of this criterion will be a comparison of vendor support available for the various IT systems being considered.

Does the IT solution allow you to respond to clients in a timely and efficient way? This is important, as being flexible to customers’ requests is one of your competitive advantages “yes we do that”. This will be demonstrated by the ability to respond precisely to a “job” request. Furthermore any IT solution must be robust enough to accommodate “evolutionary changes” in the business environment. Metrics for evaluation can include customer satisfaction surveys.

Implementation time and cost
To minimize the impact to your business, implementation time must be as minimal as possible given the recent downward credibility to your company’s reputation. However, this will need to be balanced with an analysis of cost versus benefit for both initial implementation and ongoing maintenance of the system as...
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