Consulting Project Plan - Executive Summary

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Consulting Project Plan - Executive Summary

My name is Lisa. I am a consultant from Hexi Consultation Firm. My expertise lies in interpersonal, training, and sales consultations. I was brought in by Mr. Joseph Wilson, your CEO, to research what he believed to be the company problem, diagnose it, and come up with a solution. First, I want to let each and everyone one know that I am here to help. I am here to help not only find out what has gone wrong but to help those who this is affecting come out of this with a better way of operating his/her department or duties, improve interpersonal relationships, insure everyone knows how to perform their job by providing him/her with the necessary material and training possible. Along the way, I want each person to who I interact with to feel free to question a statement, a recommendation, or a decision. We will be in this project together. I want everyone involved to understand this is your workplace, your home away from home, your livelihood. I am here to help improve the environment and conditions in which it operates. Upon completion of this project, I want everyone to feel that the changes made were fore the best and made this company a better place to work. How we achieve that will be by: * Creating a Communication Plan

* Scheduling and conducting meeting for areas where research and change are involved. * Organize and Conduct a Feedback Meetings
* Corporate and Regional
* Beginning to End of Project
* Devise an Implementation Plan
I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside of everyone involved.
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