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Topics: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Management consulting Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: August 11, 2010
In this paper team C will discuss a three part discussion and analysis of team member skills that will show the strengths and skills that based on our education at University of phoenix. Team C will be creating a matrix of team member skills. We will be analyzing the teams skills that are lacking and will be discussing what options there is to fulfill those strategies. The team will be discussing the types of fictional consulting firms that will use the strengths of the team members to ensure the success of the short and long term goals of the firm. The team will create a list of three types of consulting firms. The team will create a statement of skills and the methods to get the skills. And finally the team will attach a copy of our skills matrix. Skill Set Summary

The team possesses, diverse experiences from life, work, and educational experiences that results in overlapping skill sets of members. Each member of the team possesses unique skill sets the helps provide new solutions and ideas to challenges. The skill set strengths that are overlapping for all team members are writing, research, analysius, organization, teamwork, and most importantly critical thinking skills to creatively find solutions to problems and assignments. Some team members mastered more advanced skills in proofreading, editing, computer skills, research, and problem solving skills. The culmination of the team members skill set represents many years of real world work ,life, and educational accomplishments and experiences that help the team cohesively look at any given problem and collectively find the most ethical an logical solution using the valuable insight of each team member and implementing critical thinking skill. Consulting Firms and Skills

The three consulting firms that require skills that all team members possess are Hewitt Associates LLC, McKinsey & Company, and BCG The Boston Consulting Group. Each of these consulting firms are looking...
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