Consultant Report

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Consultant Report
M. C. B
NYU University

December 07, 2010

This report was prepared for DM who is the Patient Care Director of 5 Central. In the attached report I evaluated the performance of 5 Central – an antepartum unit at Hospital. Taking into account the role that patients, family members and healthcare professionals share, I evaluated the performance measures used on 5 Central. My assessment of the unit involved assessment of various performance reports and conducting interviews with the staff. After evaluating these measures, recommendations were made to improve service performance in an attempt to ensure staff and patient satisfaction and that unit score are improved. Since employees are a key element in this equation, employee satisfaction was also be evaluated. Current accountability systems were also evaluated to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Consultant Report
5 Central is a high-risk antepartum & postpartum unit located on the 5th floor of Hospital. It is a twenty-seven (27) bed unit, comprising of seven (7), semi-private rooms and thirteen (13) private rooms. Dads are always welcomed and accommodations are made to spend the night if the patient is in a private room. Although mothers are encouraged to have their babies room-in, 5 Central offers a newborn nursery, available for those mothers wishing maternal rest. The unit is family-centered and also provides inpatient care to high-risk obstetric patients.

This report evaluated the current accountability systems, its strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations will also be made on how to improve the unit’s performance and any potential constraints would also be identified. Evaluation of Unit

Employee Satisfaction
At a unit staff meeting held on November 30, 2010 staff expressed dissatisfaction at a number of measures that were implemented on the unit without their input. Staff members were interviewed individually and the major concerns of the staff were: 1. The lack of support from senior management

2. The inability to provide adequate patient care due to constantly being floated to cover other units. 3. Lack of respect and inability to function as a collaborative team
Our annual Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted in 2008 by HA Solutions, Inc. revealed that staff on 5 Central were grossly unhappy (Appendix 1). Over all job satisfaction for New York Presbyterian was 77% while the national average was 67%; however, employee satisfaction on 5 Central was a mere 43%. Patient satisfaction

As a unit 5 Central is performing moderately well. Press Ganey sores are 81.2% (Appendix 2). However, they continue to struggle to provide a high quality of nursing care as evident by volatile results. Patients perceive that the nursing team is fragmented (Appendix 3). The indicators that measure our patient satisfaction are mostly in the red year-to-date. Press Ganey is an independent company which analyzes data from patients, reports on the performance of a facility and areas of focus for improvement. The results of our year-to-date scores show volatility with an upward trend in the latter months. Current Accountability Systems

1. Clinical aspect – evaluated the performance of healthcare professionals, including nurses and medical doctor (MD). 2. Patient Satisfaction – gives the patient’s perception on care they received while hospitalized. 3. Volume – accessed based on the national average since we do not have a targeted figure. Strengths & Weaknesses of Accountability Systems

Currently, staff members receive an annual performance appraisal which evaluates performance for the entire year. An annual employee survey is conducted to determine the views and perceptions of employee of the hospital and their colleagues. Since MDs work for Columbia University, they are assessed by the college and the method of evaluation was unknown at this time. Both methods of evaluation appear...
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