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Consultant Scenario Paper

GEN 480
February 28, 2007

This paper discusses the creation of "Just in Time Consulting" and explains the types of services the firm offers to clients. It also explains the roles/responsibilities of each member of the team, and analyzes which University of Phoenix courses helped in the creation of the consulting firm.

Consultant Scenario Paper
Just In Time Management Consulting firm will handle a variety of issues related to executive and management placement and training. We will begin by performing an organizational analysis for the client. This will help define the organization's culture and allow the firm to identify candidates that would blend into the culture or change the culture as the client defines necessary. Our services will include a candidate testing and interviewing process that is designed based on the client's needs. This testing will include but not be limited to drug, background check, employment check, education check, and skills testing for certain positions. As a part of each client's process the firm will always include rigorous reference checks from both personal and professional sources. These services will help address issues that many organizations have with the hiring of management and executive staff. First is the amount of work it takes to recruit this type of staff. Just In Time Management firm will perform all activities related to recruiting including networking meetings and social events. Just In Time will also play a role in the negotiating of the executive level employee's compensation package. Needleman recognizes that this is a challenging role to play, "It's (a challenge) typically keeping both sides patient long enough, because the client wants the search to be done, and the candidate wants what they want and when they want it. My job is to facilitate and keep them both moving down the same path. It's a constant back-and-forth buffering." Another issue is the testing of qualified candidates who as stated above we will perform on behalf of the client. This may include software specific testing, industry knowledge testing and ethics testing to mention a few. There are several other services Just In Time will be able to provide. Our services include confidential job postings. Compensation research and market trend reports will be provided. Sources for this market trend report will also include what executives believe the trends are. An example of this is an excerpt from ExecuNet's survey, "According to the January survey of 1415 senior-level executives, 49% are "confident" or "very confident" the executive employment market will improve during the next six months — a short drop from December's 22-month record of 52% and 11 points higher than January 2006." Orienting new hires will also be part of our firm's services at an additional cost. This is an up and coming trend in the market. Harris states "Organizations are increasingly relying on expertise from training outsourcing suppliers to fill many of their learning needs. Clients who do not wish to employ their own trainers can have our staff perform both individual training sessions and group training sessions on a multitude of topics. These topics can be industry and company specific or include general training on topics such as sexual harassment. Just In Time specializes in outlining a comprehensive training program. Our consulting firm should be chosen to customize the hiring process to exact customer requirements. Our team members have strong academic degrees and extensive hands-on experience, as well as being full-time professionals. All of our staff are adept at team building and are strategic thinkers that can ask the right questions to avoid management pitfalls and use proven methodology from business management classes to suit the customers' needs. Our consulting firm adapts staffing to meet the specific business goals and visions of the customer. Our...

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