Construction Project Paper

Topics: Electrical wiring / Pages: 9 (2019 words) / Published: Jun 4th, 2007
Construction Project Paper
University of Phoenix
MGT 437
Laura Sanders
May 15, 2001 Construction Project Paper

The statement of work defines the construction project for the Phoenix family's new garage with second level living quarters. Fales Construction is the general contractor for the project. The excavation and foundation work will be sub-contracted to Mural Excavation and Landscaping. The carpentry work will be sub-contracted to Fox Construction. The plumbing work will be sub-contracted to Soldiers Plumbing. The electrical work will be sub-contracted to Amps-R-Us.
Fales Construction is responsible to the Phoenix family for timely performance of all sub-contractors, ensuring all costs stay with in the budgeted $75,000 limit, and meeting the 90-day time limit required.
Mural Excavation and Landscaping will be responsible for surveying and staking out the construction site. They will complete the excavation and foundation work. They are responsible for the final clean up and landscaping tasks.
Fox Construction is responsible for the construction of the garage and second level living quarters. Their tasks will consume 65% of the resources. There will be critical milestones that must be reached in order to allow plumbing and electrical sub-contractors to accomplish their work and required inspections before completion of the overall project.
Soldiers Plumbing is responsible for all plumbing requirements for the living quarters. This includes a full functioning bathroom in the living quarters. They must pass two inspections required by the city. The first inspection will consist of inspecting the rough-in plumbing. The second inspection will be after the plumbing is installed, but before the shower, basin, and toilet are installed.
Amps-R-Us is responsible for all electrical wiring and fixtures in both the garage and living quarters. There are two required inspections. The first inspection is to ensure the main service panel to the house is

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