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The rise of innovations can transform the business world in the future as it brings new opportunities for the companies to add the value for the company and improve customer satisfaction (Hyman, 2011). According to Esquivias et. al. (2010), many companies are missing the opportunity to develop their existing formats which could enable them to offer a superior value for its customers. Moreover, more adaptive companies are entering the market with new concepts that are more responsive for the consumer’s changing preferences (Esquivias et. al., 2010). The construction industry is also highly connected with innovations in terms of achieving efficiency and cost effectiveness (NRC, 2013). This report will be based on the innovative concrete products, particularly analyzing Ultra-High Performance Concrete. Furthermore, other existing modern trends and issues of concrete industry are also will be examined in brief.

Concrete industry
According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (2012), concrete plays a significant role in the modern world. Being used for construction of the majority hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, schools, bridges, runways, roads it actually shapes the built environment around us (WBCSD, 2012). Moreover, with global annual concrete production of almost 3 tons per every human in the world, it is become the most used man made material in the world. Additionally, comparing to the other building materials such as steel, plastic, wood and aluminium the amount of concrete used globally is twice as much than all of them together (WBCSD, 2012). The modern construction industry trends are closely linked with innovations of new materials, improvement of construction techniques and research is done continuously to improve economy and increase durability (Hooda et al, 2013). The manufacturers of concrete are also compelled to implement new technologies and techniques in concrete production to stay...

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