Construction In Saudi Arabia 2017, Growth, Trends And Forecast

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The Saudi Arabian construction industry registered a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.94% during the review period (2008–2012). Industry expansion was supported by the government’s initiatives to transform the country from an oil-based economy to one more reliant on manufacturing and services. This resulted in significant investments in infrastructure development, which positively affected other markets in the industry. Population growth and a rise in disposable income also increased the demand

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for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. The industry is expected to record a forecast-period (2012–2017) CAGR of 5.54%, driven by an increase in government expenditure on infrastructure construction.

Browse Full Report with TOC: This report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights into the Saudi Arabian construction industry including:

 The Saudi Arabian construction industry's growth prospects by market, project type and type of construction activity
 Analysis of equipment, material and service costs across each project type within Saudi Arabia
 Critical insight into the impact of industry trends and issues, and the risks and opportunities they present to participants in the Saudi Arabian construction industry


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Visit Analysis Report: Scope
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. It provides:
 Historical (2008-2012) and forecast (2013-2017) valuations of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia using construction output and value-add methods  Segmentation by sector (commercial, industrial, infrastructure, institutional and residential) and by project type



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Key highlights
 According to the Central Department of Statistics and Information, Saudi Arabia’s population increased from 28.4 million in 2011 to 29.2 million in 2012, registering an annual growth of 2.9%. This growth was significantly lower than the last fiveyear (2008–2012) average rate of 3.2%, as the birth rate (per 1,000) declined from 23.6 in 2007 to 21.8 in 2012. The gender distribution of the population remains skewed, with males accounting for 55% of the total population and females accounting for 45.0%. According to UN estimates, Saudi Arabia’s population is expected to reach 33.5 million by 2020.

 The unemployment rate averaged at 5.37% during 2009–2012, but fell to 5.1% in 2013. The reduction has been attributed to government policies in early 2013, aimed at reducing the number of unskilled expatriates in the labor force, which initially had an adverse effect on sectors that were dependent on that form of labor. However, it has resulted in a number of individuals being able to find jobs. Timetric expects this scheme, along with the general economic performance, to bring the unemployment rate down to 4.9% by 2017.


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Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary
2 Market Overview
2.1 The Domestic Economy
2.2 Key Trends and Issues
2.3 Key Construction Indicators
3 Commercial Construction
3.1 Performance Outlook
3.2 Key Trends and Issues
3.3 Data and Project Highlights
4 Industrial Construction
4.1 Performance Outlook
4.2 Key Trends and Issues


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5 Infrastructure Construction
5.1 Performance Outlook
5.2 Key Trends and Issues
5.3 Data and Project Highlights
6 Institutional Construction
6.1 Performance Outlook
6.2 Key Trends and Issues
6.3 Data and Project Highlights
7 Residential...
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