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Topics: Idaho, Trade union, Owner-occupier Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: June 2, 2010
Overview of TVCC
Treasure Valley Construction Company (TVCC) was originally a partnership which was a well-established contractor in the Boise area. A Storm Window Division was created in 1997. Demand Analysis
At the end of the first quarter of 1998, sales levels for TVCC within the storm window market (private home owners) were estimated at approximately 60% in Boise, Idaho. With first years sales expected to exceed 1.2 million dollars. Target market consists of private home owners who require storm window installation. The private home owner segment is further delineated into an older home segment, since the storm window product is traditionally installed in older homes for weatherization and energy conservation purposes. Competitive Analysis

Main competitors are other weatherization improvement companies who are servicing the other 40% of the storm window (private home owner) market in Boise, Idaho. External Environment Analysis
Economic Analysis
A trend has developed for energy conservation initiatives within the country due to energy shortage.

Political/Legal Analysis
Wages were set according to local union scale even though there were no union members. Some employees were reluctant to pay dues and entry fees to join a union. Union leaders were satisfied with non-compliance and promised no effort to organize as long as wages and seniority rights conformed to union rates.

Climate Analysis
Boise’s climate consists of its four seasons, in that experiences a spring, summer, fall and winter season with traditional climate conditions experienced as traditional (snow and ice in the winter and heat in the summer).

Technological Analysis
Used Storm Window manufacturing equipment was purchased from a Seattle firm which had gone out of business. SWOT
-60% of Boise’s Storm Window market
-no highly skilled labor force required
-TVCC is a well-established company
-high turnover rate among labor force...
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