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Topics: Construction, Safety, Bukit Bintang Pages: 4 (944 words) Published: April 16, 2013

Code & Course : AW201 – Occupational Safety & Health
Assesment : Case Study

Occupational safety and health is a field that aims to protect the safety and health of workers. Workplace safety is an important aspect of an organization. The government has taken measures necessary to introduce the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1994 on February 25, 1994. Contents

Case Study 1
Death of two workers and severe injuries on the ten workers at the pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Bukit Bintang construction site where cable of the workman’s lift at the posh condominium and shopping complex project snapped and plummeted 15 metres to the ground * The Problem Inditified

The causes where the cables of the workmen’s lift snapped and plummeted 15 metres to the ground is when lift was overloaded with material, employee accounts reveal that the lift had routine maintenance issues or they just use cheap material in construction so it always can cause a serious injuries or dead. This accidents is classified as disconecting utilities, hoisting and superstructure work because it relate with workmen’s lift and there is potential hazard from the work to be done.

* Potential Hazard & Safety Measure
The hazard is like falls (from heights), falls consistently account for the greatest number of fatalities in the construction industry. A number of factors are often involved in falls, including unstable working surfaces, misuse or failure to use fall protection equipment and human error. Studies have shown that using guardrails, fall arrest systems, safety nets, covers and restraint systems can prevent many deaths and injuries from falls. The safety major that should be done and taken to avoid the accidents from happening is consider using aerial lifts or elevated platforms to provide safer elevated working surfaces, erect guardrail systems with toe boards and warning lines or...
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