Constitutional rights of prisoners.

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Constitutional Rights of Prisoners By Tina Grinnell Corrections CRJ303 Tracy Crump

January 18, 2013

Prisons have been around for decades and they have used numerous ways to punish prisoners for committing crimes. They would use whippings and hangings, to public humiliation .Multiple prisoner where kept in crowded cells. One of the first correctional institutes in America was known as the Walnut Street jail. It was started in Philadelphia in the 1790. Prisons were meant to punish people who committed crimes. It was thought that by taking away ones freedom for committing crimes it would make them think twice about committing another crime when they were released. However by restricting them of their right to freedom violate their constitutional right? Should prisoners have rights while they are incarcerated? How do our prison systems refrain from making sure that prisoners’ rights are not being violated? Are the wardens and guards that run our prison systems doing all they can to ensure that our prisoners are being taken care of while keeping their own balance in their daily functions? There are many problems that are evident in our prison systems today that would make a person feel that a prisoners rights are being violated for instance the medical treatment of prisoners. It’s a right for a person to seek medical treatment however our...

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