Constitutional Rights - Business Law

Topics: United States Constitution, Law, Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 4 (1231 words) Published: January 31, 2006
Constitutional Rights
Business Law I
Dave Walker
November 07, 2005

Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet establishment. The first store was opened in 1998 and was such a success that many more will be opening. This gourmet shop was created in the vision the owner was searching for: a place where gourmet foods can be purchased at an affordable price. Kudler Fine Foods employs many employees. These employees have rights that must be adhered to.

The two main issues that will be discussed is the right to privacy, as well as search and seizure. These two areas can affect the employees, owner, and the business as a whole. The goal in a business is to make money and to protect their goods. That being said, certain aspects that an employee does on a computer may be monitored. However, does this infringe upon their privacy and take away their rights? The store owner must also ensure that their goods and recipes are protected, so has the right to search and seize any goods that might be stolen by an employee with the means to sell them for profit.

The United States Constitution serves to protect the rights of the people living within the country. The Fourth Amendment to the United States of America's Constitution was set in place to protect both individuals and businesses from unnecessary search and seizure conducted by government officials. It allows us to feel safe and secure within our homes, in person, or on any form of personal documentation.

Although search and seizure is a lawful act, it can only be conducted within reason and must be accompanied by a search warrant. Search warrants are necessary to government officials because they specify the location and nature of the authorized search process. Searches must be conducted within their limits; otherwise, any additional information found at the scene is forbidden and cannot be used as evidence in court.

In some cases, it is permitted to conduct a warrant less search however, only under the...

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