Constitutional Moncarchy

Topics: Head of state, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Prime minister Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Yes to Constitutional Monarchy
Canada is a constitutional monarchy; this means that the powers of the monarchy in Canada are limited by the Constitution. Our monarch is now Elizabeth II, who is also the Queen of the United Kingdom. As our Queen does not live in Canada, she appoints, under the advice of our Prime Minister, a Governor General to represent her authority in Canada. There is a great debate among Canadians, on if they really need a constitutional monarchy. The fact is Canada does need a monarch.

Firstly, power corrupts people. The monarch lends its powers to the elected politicians, as long as they act within the Constitution. In the event that the elected politicians succumb to corruption, and/or disobey the Constitution, the monarch is able to act as a safeguard and take away that authority that was given to them in the first place. Canada’s armed forces and naval vessels swear allegiance to the monarch, which also helps protect the people, in the act of corruption. Constitutional monarchy also helps act as a symbol to Canadians, and it already appears throughout national life. The Queen’s image appears on coins and stamps, the crown is on the coat of arms, public lands are considered Crown lands, state enterprises are Crown corporations. Constitutional monarchy has also rooted itself in our traditions as Canadians. Accused criminals are prosecuted and convicted in the Queen’s name. At the opening of Parliament and provincial assemblies, it is the Queen and her representatives who are saluted. In many ways each day, Canadians do things in the name of the Queen and not governors, because she is a great symbol of importance to Canadians.

Most importantly, the constitutional monarchy system represents Canadian history, because it reminds Canadians of how their country was created. It allows Canadians to have a significant cultural difference from other countries. Not too many countries have a monarchy from the country it was...
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