Constitution Party

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Constitution Party

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In terms of the fiscal policy, the Constitution Party advocates for lesser responsibility for the government by way of limiting bureaucratic control, limiting spending and the implementation of tariffs to obtain revenues instead of income tax. The party wants to eliminate the various types of government taxes and the members do not believe that the money being allocated to support the basic services for the people is legal under the law. The party advocates that the debt of America have to be paid through an organized process of borrowing and elimination of agencies that are unnecessary (Djupe, 2003). They do not believe that it is essential for America to engage in foreign aid and that there is no need for America to get involved with lending organizations. The party also believes that the implementation of government income and estate taxes violates the Constitution.

With regard to foreign policy, the Constitution Party supports the noninterventionist approach. This means that America must limit or if possible remove itself from getting involved in foreign institutions like the United Nations and end its involvement in treaties like NAFTA and GATT. Mercantilism is being supported by the party and is always in favour of protecting the consumers and their rights in terms of trade. The members believe that it is necessary to implement a tariff system to deliver economic growth, as import expenses will be reduced. In the end, America will be able to compete more effectively with other nations that have lesser labour expenses.

In terms of immigration the Constitution, party does not approve illegal immigration and wants to see more laws and policies implemented to ensure that legal immigration is protected. The party wants the government to implement immigration policies in accordance to the guideline that possible immigrants will be prevented from being accepted in America...

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