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What the framers intended to do was to create something totally different from monarchy. They hated the idea of authoritarian government. They wanted power to be shared equally in the federal and the local level. The framers feared that letting one man have all the power might lead him to become too powerful and become more like a dictator instead of a leader. In my opinion, I believe that before the framers even thought of balancing powers, they thought of what powers and between whom. The framers came up with the three branches of government because, after considering all the powers available, one or two branches of government would not work without one having too much. They came up with three branches. The executive, legislative and, Judiciary branches of government. The executive is the first of them in terms of order. The executive arm is the president, he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and he is given power to veto bills and to raise army and few other powers. I believe the framers gave the executive not so much power because he is a small body in the government. Although the most influential, and also the face of the government, the framers will not give so much power to the president so he doesn’t become a dictator.

Next to the Executive branch is the Legislative. This branch is the biggest. It is divided into two bodies, the senate and the House of Representatives. The legislative arm is given the largest amount of power because of it size. The framers believed that authoritarianism would not start from there because of its members.

The judiciary is the third arm of government. This is the Supreme Court. The powers given to the judiciary, I believe, are just so there is a third arm. I doubt its necessity. Although it functions well and it actually has helped a lot in the past, I think Framers made it like a watcher over the other arms. Just in case anything goes wrong, or both houses in congress...
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