Constellation Leo: Assignment

Topics: Gliese 436 b, Extrasolar planet, Gliese 436 Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Constellation assignment


1. Date and Time: Wednesday March 28th, 2012 at 9:40pm

2. Weather Conditions: 6 degrees, variably cloudy, wind speed: 24kmh

3. Camera Settings/Yes or No if tripod was used: No tripod was used, long shutter, ISO 1600, cloudy, vivid

4. Digital Camera: Canon Power Shot (12.1 megapixels)

5. Exposure Time: 15 seconds

6. Altitude of the constellation in the sky: Declination at 15 degrees and visible at latitudes between +90 degrees and −65 degrees

7. Azimuth (direction) of the constellation: South East

8. Location: 138 Yorkland St. (just off Yonge & Silverwood Ave.)


In 2004, R. Paul Butler and Geoffrey Marcy discovered the Neptune-sized planet Gliese 436b (also known as GJ 436b), via the radial velocity method. Located in the Leo constellation, the Gliese 436b is one of the first planets with a small amount mass making it comparable to Neptune. Orbiting the star is Gliese 436, one orbit around the red dwarf star is approximately 2 days and 15.5 hours long at a distance of just 4.3 million kilometers at about 30 light years from Earth. The Gliese 436b has an extremely perplexing atmosphere that has an abundance of carbon monoxide but a surprisingly low quantity of methane. Professor Joseph Harrington of the University of Central Florida believes that a planet like Gliese 436b is doing the opposite of what should be happening because it has an atmospheric temperature of more or less 400 degrees Celsius. The Gliese 436b is supposed to have major amounts of methane and no carbon monoxide. So, why is this happening? There are many different theories; however it is still quite a mystery to scientists. More recently, in 2008 a team of astronomers from the Spanish Research Council, including Dr. Jean Philippe Beaulieu have discovered a possible terrestrial-type planet orbiting a star in the...

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