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December 7, 2009,


An Assessment of Constantine

I found the movie Constantine to be the most interesting film to analyze and discuss. From start to finish, there is so much meaning within every element of the film. Every time I watch this film, I thoroughly enjoy it. I have known this movie to be a symbolic message to the audience of, why religion, being a good person, and God is so important to humanity. Everything from the theme, the cast, the setting/location, costume design, makeup, special effects, and the directors overall ambition is absolutely incredible. This film has a very creative and unique approach to discussing the good and evil dimensions in the world we live in. I feel this movie has a beautiful connection to religion, spirituality, and cultural beliefs. I consider myself to be a spiritual and down to earth person. I will emphasize on my observation and perception of this film and how it has personally impacted me.


The movie Constantine consists of so much meaning regarding life and how precious and priceless it is. The plot seemed to be about the fight/battle of life, good, and evil. I also felt that the moral of the story/film was about the power God or good versus evil. This film sent a direct message to the viewers. I found that message to be, that God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. This message contains a guide to live a prosperous and virtuous life. As I analyzed Constantine and found it is considered an R rated and a suspenseful horror. Some of the most interesting and artistic parts of the film were very poetic, spiritual, and creative. I found this film to have a powerful and emotional effect on me along with a beautiful story to tell. I am sure other viewers would have to agree.

This film literally and figuratively had a connection to expressing good and bad beliefs. The film left imprints of different beliefs and how time has evolved that consisted of: Nazis, Catholicism, Christianity, Voodoo, and evil entities. The film obviously had a daring and controversial style of focus. But the director really out did himself creatively and stayed true to the theme and name. The director custom made the film to cater to those who desire an interesting, creative, and symbolic experience of films. All of the elements of this movie significantly and inconceivably impacted me emotionally and spiritually. Constantine

I found the film to be well organized and applied all of the elements of filmmaking. There is a profound essence of self sacrifice, beliefs, and symbolic patterns within the plot. As I evaluated the film, I found that it definitely had several moral statements that would “persuade us to apply the principles in our own lives.” (Boggs & Petrie, p 17) I perceived this to be a concept of, stay true to your beliefs, humanity, and moral obligations. I also found the overall film along with the characters to incorporate social problems and the truth of human nature. “Because those characters are representative of humanity in general, they serve as a cinematic vehicle to illustrate some widely or universal acceptable truth about human nature”. (Boggs & Petrie, p 18) This film also touched on the struggle for human dignity. I found it to directly “display courage, sensitivity, intelligence, a spiritual and moral sense, and strong individualism. (Boggs & Petrie p, 18) Constantine can definitely entertain viewers on a universal scale.

In the beginning scene of the film the spear of destiny was found in the dusty and desolate dessert of Mexico. This spear is to be the weapon that had actually pierced the flesh of Jesus Christ and ultimately killed him, as he hung from the crucifix. In this scene the spear was...
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