Constantin Brancusi

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Constantin Brancusi

The biggest sculptor of the XXth century, Constantin Brancusi the central figure in the modern art movement and a pioneer of abstractization is considered to be the father of modern sculpture. The uniqueness of his sculptures comes from their elegance and the sensible use of his materials combining the simplicity of popular Romanian art and the elegant Parisian avangardism. The most important characteristics of Brancusi’s art are probably the verticality, horizontality, the density and the interest he shows in using light and space. His work had a major influence in the modern concept of “form” in sculpting, painting and drawing. Brancusi was born in 1876 in the Habita village.. During his childhood he learned to sculpt wood, to manufacture different household utensils, because at that time in Romania those were made out of wood as were the facades and piers. The style of these ornaments will influence Brancus’s work. Brancusi used to state that his way of life was influenced by his country of origin and that means simplicity, common sense and love for nature. When he was nine years old he left home and had to take care of himself working for six years in a little shop in Craiova helping the owner continuing to sculpt in wood. He manufactured a violin for himself and drew the attention of a client. This client helped Brancusi to get addmited to the School of Arts in Craiova. In 1889 after he graduated , Brancusi got into the School of fine arts in Bucharest. Although he felt he was drawn more to the art and sculptures made by independents rather than those of academicians inside the school the artist studied throuly anatomy and modeling “Ecorsul”, a sculpture made during that period of time 1902 to be more precise, was bought by the school and was used as a model of anatomy for a long time. This work reveals an excellent knowledge of the human body. In 1903 he got his first request to do a sculpture,...

David Lewis - Constantin Brancusi – London 1974
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