Conspiracy Theory in the World of Celebrities

Topics: Conspiracy theory, Culture, John F. Kennedy Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Conspiracy theory in the world of celebrities

Conspiracy theory is an integral part of of modern culture and despite its durability it has not been a static notion. Rather, its portrayal in popular culture and in politics has constantly changed, and so has its meaning. What this idea tells us about modern life and culture shifts from one era to the next. Once, the term “conspiracy theory” was synonymous with fear and paranoia. Now, this same term might just as easily prompt a shrug or dismissive glance. In the modern world conspiracy theories are almost everywhere Some people belve that moon landing never happend, and that it was staged‘ in one of the hollywood studios. There are plenty of theories that american government was involved in 9/11. The polls conducted in 2003 in USA showed that over 70 % of people don’t belive that president Kennedy was killed by lone gunman. There is even a conspiracy theory that the WWII never happend! From quite possible to totally unprobale and stupid - conspiracy theories always draw attention of media and society. It’s interesting how important they are in the world of celebrities, from very talented actors, singers, directors to even those who were famous becouse of just being famous. It’s obvious that conspiracies always make publicity, and I belive that there may be PR workers who specialize in creating such ideas, but the case is that people still belive in it. The special ‚unit‘ of conspiracy theories concerns deaths of celebrities. If we look at the recent demises of famous people, we can find houngreds of conspiracies. From the recent death of Michael Jackson, who most problably died due to cardiac arrest, there is a theory that he was killed by his doctor, by his family, or, which is very common , that he faked his death to escape publicity. Why there is such a need to come up with this kind of ideas? I belive that In the world of media domination celebrities gained the status of super humans, some of them...
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