Conspiracy Theories

Topics: September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Ashley Huegli
Comp 101
Intellectual in Anti-Intellectual

“In fact, one thing that I have noticed . . . is that all of these conspiracy theories depend on the perpetrators being endlessly clever. I think you'll find the facts also work if you assume everyone is endlessly stupid.” (Kraus, 1999-2013) A quote that says it all about our society believing anything you tell them. This research paper is to go over a number of general myths also known as conspiracy theories repeated by the media and individuals of belief or practice, as well as people who have been convinced that some idiotic conspiracy theories are intellectual deviations from the ordinary rather than just acknowledging a common historical and social phenomenon. If someone says during the flood in New York City caused by a hurricane that Sharks were swimming down the streets, well then people will believe it. The problem with our society is that we are as a whole not intellectual enough to actually do the research and find out that one of many Conspiracy theories are not true. The world was supposedly coming to an end December 21, 2012. That theory was not true, but look how it affected the world. People prepared to die just because a calendar ended. One story told by one person caused the whole world to go insane (Zell, 2012). This is the case for almost all conspiracy theories out there. In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the world was round, but before that everyone believed it was flat (Slocum, 2013). The point behind this situation is that people will believe anything you tell them. Just because one man did the research and discovered a conspiracy theory to be false then everyone believed him. If our society wasn’t so anti-intellectual then we wouldn’t have so many naive and idiotic people. Ultimately, within this research paper on anti-intellectualism I plan to prove that there can be an intellectual side in conspiracy theories by gaining the respect...
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