Conspiracy of Change at Intuit

Topics: Management, History of the Internet, Vice president Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: May 29, 2010
Conspiracy of Change at Intuit.

Intuit was regarded as one of the most compelling success stories. It was the classiest of companies. They had developed software packages with broad appeal to customers, grown rapidly, & made customers, stockholders & employees happy. It was very good at incrementally improving the product and responding to customers. The management, employees and customers were all satisfied - too satisfied. The product design, its features, the technology, the post sales follow up everything revolved around the customers. A major change had been taking place in technology that had major implications for Intuit - the emergence of the Internet. The management & employees did not anticipate the way in which the market was shifting with the development of the Internet. The firm had initial plans & processes in motion to deal with the new operating environment, but not at the speed that the market was changing. If we take a look at the company externally, it was being critiqued as having a great past and an uncertain future. Its stock was falling rapidly in value as the hot shot firm was viewed as a cold shot. Employees were loosing self confidence & confidence in management. Firms that had mastered the Internet were the new stars.

I would like to describe the changes at Intuit in 2 stages:

1) Pre-Internet
2) Post Internet

The pace of change at Intuit without it going online was very moderate. The types of changes were incremental i.e. they were preconceived and well planned, also every change was carefully observed and tested whether in terms of the product or the functioning. The main motive of the business model was to innovate software packages that are consumer friendly & sell these packages. However, taking a look at the time when Intuit went online. The changes had become very rapid and discontinuous. Decisions were to be taken quickly and very rampantly, something Intuit was not used to at all. There was a major...
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