Conspiracies about the JFK Assassination

Topics: John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: March 17, 2015
Who killed JFK? There are still many conspiracies about the JFK Assassination, but the two conspiracies that stand out are that Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) and the CIA. LHO was an American born on October 18th 1939 in New Orleans. Most Americans believe Oswald is the person behind the assassination of JFK. He believed in communism, he was a disturbed person and he had a violent mindset. There have been many arguments about who was actually behind the assassination. The Warren Report clearly states Oswald fired three shots, but the HSCA states a total of 4 shots were fired. This is why some Americans think that the CIA was also involved in the plot for the assassination of Kennedy. The CIA were not happy with JFKs attitude towards Cuba due to the fact the CIA wanted to tensions between The Soviet Union and Cuba, and they also disliked how JFK was attempting to withdraw from Vietnam.

The first and probably, the main motive for LHO assassinating JFK is that Oswald was a proud communist. JFK was an anti-communist and was confident to stop the expansion of the ‘communist world’. It is known that while Oswald was in the Civil Air Patrol, his instructor lectured him about pro-communism, and he was talked into communism. He had started to learn to speak Russian. There were tensions between USA and The Soviet Union therefore Oswald secretly started to plan to travel to the Soviet Union after he was discharged from the CIA. On October 1959, Oswald travelled to the Soviet Union. Upon arrival, he was introduced to his tour guide where he told her his desire to become a Soviet Union Citizen, and he also admitted to her that he’s a communist. He left the Soviet Union for USA after settling down there for approximately 2 years. Oswald started to help Anti-Castro people by offering them techniques and ways to protect their selves, yet he was handing out Pro-Castro pamphlets to the public. This is most probably due to the fact of “getting to know your...
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